For young children, learning alphabets requires a long process. Before they are finally able to know and recognize alphabets, they have to give their efforts and time to go through the necessary steps which you can find out below.

The steps to learning alphabets

Firstly, of course, children have to know what you call alphabets. And the way for them to know it is by getting exposure to alphabets in many ways. They have to see, touch and hear them often.

Secondly, they have to get an understanding of what each alphabet is all about. It’s an important step to do. By doing so, children won’t only memorize the alphabets’ shapes but also know why they need alphabets. The knowing will make them learn alphabets fast and long last.

Last but not least is that they have to learn it in a fun way. It’s the key to deliver the steps above to achieve the learning goal.

After knowing the steps, comes another question. What can you use to make children learn the alphabets? One of the answers is below.

Using the book as a media to learning alphabets

There are many media children can use. But one of the best media is a book. Why is it so? Because it can cover all the steps mentioned above.

Finding one from all the available options in the market isn’t easy. Each book has its characteristic, and each may cover one or two steps mentioned above. So you have to combine many books to make children able to go through all the steps they need to learn the alphabets.

If you’re confused about finding the right book, you don’t have to worry. Here are the points you can use to find the right one. It must:

1. expose alphabets many times in its pages

Young children are in the stage where they learn through repetition. Therefore, if they learn alphabets, it’s good for them getting the alphabets’ exposure.

That’s why an alphabet book should expose the alphabets over and over in its pages. It should show all the alphabets several times or on the first page of the book, followed by each at the next pages. Not only that, if the book’s goal is making children learn the alphabet one by one, it should show the same alphabet over and over throughout its pages.

2. stimulate children’s sensory

If children get many stimulations to their senses such as sight, auditory and touch when they learn alphabets, they can absorb and understand the alphabets learning better and faster. Therefore, a book which can provide a different kind of stimuli is the one you should consider to give to your children.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of those books you can choose. Some show the alphabets in a colorful and cute design which will attract children’s sight and interest. Then, there are textured alphabet touch and feel book type. So children can feel alphabets with their hands. Other than that is the book which provides songs children can hear and sing to make them remember alphabets better.

3. give ideas to children of what alphabets are all about

If children learn alphabets through repetition only, they will only memorize them. But if you give them an understanding of what the alphabets are all about, not only it’ll attract your children’s interest, but they will also get the foundation for the later learning such as phonics and reading.

And the best way to make children understand a lesson is through a story. You can create it if you choose a book without it. However, creating stories, especially the educational ones, is not as easy as it sounds. There are many things to consider, such as its match to the children’s curriculum or children’s development based on science point of view, etc.

Therefore, an alphabet storybook which suits children’s development is a good option for your children.

provide the chance for children to bring out their alphabets recognition After children understand what the alphabets are all about, they must get the opportunity to explore it. Question session or doing games related to the book they read can be a way for the exploration.

Some books usually provide question or games on the last pages. If those aren’t available in the books you choose, create ones. Make it as simple as possible. For example, you can ask questions like, “What have Lollie and Lolita done in the book?” or “Have they found the letter A?” or else. You can also create a pointing game. For instance, you instruct your children to point letter A on page 2, which they have to do it as fast as they could to get a simple reward such as getting their hand star stamped.

By doing so, children get the chance to bring out what they’ve learned without the feeling of being tested. And the right book will give plenty of opportunities for you to get or create many activities for your children exploration.

5. be fun for children to see, read and explore

It’s an important key. A right book must be interesting for children. The ones that do are:

The bright and colorful one.

Color always attracts children’s attention and makes them happy.

The children suited design book.

The right illustration will make them eager to explore the book over and over.

The safe one.

You have to pay attention to the material of the book, whether it’s safe for children or not. If it is safe, children would want to open and read the book over and over. The more they do it, the more they explore the book.

Those are the points of the right alphabets book. Now that you know those, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right ones for your children. However, with many available options in the market nowadays, although you’ve known the points of the right book, you still need to spare time to find it. What if you don’t have much time? No worry, continue reading to get the answer for it.

The right alphabets book for your children

If you don’t have much time with so many errands you have to do, you can cut the chasing time by checking the Alphabet Airplane book series. It consists of 26 alphabets books. The title of the book one is Lollie & Lolita’s Adventures Finding the Letter A. By reading it, children will follow the journey of Lollie, and Lolita, the book mascots.

The book can be the right one for your children as it fulfils the points above. There’s alphabet or letter A exposure in the book so children can see it repeatedly and learn about it through kinds of stimuli. The stories and book style suit scientifically all children’s level of ability or special needs from across the spectrum in learning the letters and covered different parts of the teaching curriculum. Therefore, children will get the chance to understand and explore lots of things related to letters learning. Not only that, but they will also get the enjoyment of following Lollie & Lolita’s journey. They will feel both as their friends. The feeling will stimulate them to be eager to do ‘a going on an adventure with Lollie & Lolita’ role-play, which is ‘the most making children be happy’ activity of all time.

With all the points above checked, no need for you to spend much time to compare other books with the Airplane Alphabet series. It’s because you can say that the Alphabet Airplane is the right alphabets book for your children.