Finding the Letter A is part of a 26 book series called “Alphabet Airplane” – a fun story that will help your child learn and meet their language milestones no matter what their learning level is. Let your child join Lollie & Lolita’s Adventures and learn through fun stories and different challenges.

Lollie & Lolita’s soft and friendly nature teaches the social-emotional skills and helps young children meet their developmental goals through interactive stories and fun.

Why is Reading Important in Language Development?

It is known that children learn and discover through play. Lollie and Lolita’s Adventures teaches children different parts of curriculum engaging them in fun stories and different stimuli. Combining fun and education, Lollie & Lolita uses scientifically proven techniques to ensure successful teaching and learning.

These techniques are designed through using various behavior principles to include every child matters principle and special needs across the spectrum. The repetitiveness of materials allows that the specific target is learned naturally through the style of the book.

One of the most significant accomplishments of early childhood is the acquisition of language. By the age of 5, most monolingual children attain a vocabulary of thousands of words and master the sound system and grammar of their native language.

A successful development of language, literacy, and speech is very important in a child’s later success in academic, personal, and professional life. Language and speech are foundations of future learning and the basis for a child’s exploration of the world around him. Alphabet Airplane can help your child to get to know the sounds, words, and language, which is the foundation for early literacy skills development.

Books are the best way to promote language, literacy and speech development in young children. Start reading together while your child is still an infant and continue this practice throughout her childhood. Research shows that books with lots of colorful pictures and illustrations are the most stimulating ones for the young child’s brain. While reading, show pictures in the book to your child, make sure that you name them and point to them.

Fun stories increase a child’s exposure to language, help them learn speech and language skills and develop a love for language and reading. Reading stories develops the child’s ability to use language to express their feelings and motivation, express cause and effect and build a strong foundation for the abstract thinking processes.

Books and Social-Emotional Development

Lollie and Lolita’s Adventures can help foster the social and emotional development of your child through fun and interactive stories. Reading and sharing stories can help your child’s brain development and boost their communication and social skills. Stories that display a variety of characters and social situations help children understand the emotional expression, empathy, and social understanding. Also, Lollie and Lolita’s Adventures can help spark your child’s imagination and creativity, help them understand social rules and expectations, and understand their own feelings about the world.

Finally, Lollie and Lolita’s Adventures can help you bond with your child and have fun together while growing and learning.